Why US
  • User Friendly
  • we are providing modern user interface for make it easier to access on multiple platform. This is designed to overcome every obstacle of user. User can access it on any type of mobile with internet.
  • Flexible Software
  • It is fully flexible which can be used by any school, college or university. Every institute may have its own working style; this software has the capacity to serve every institute.
  • Share Documents (E-notes)
  • Any type of file can be shared; like word, excel, ppt, video, audio, etc. Teacher can share his notes to students irrespective of type of document. E-notes can be video lectures, audio lectures, pdf research papers, word documents, excel sheets, etc.
  • Mobile App
  • It can be used on mobile via app also; which make it more easier to use. App will be released on the name of Institute. There will not be any compulsion of laptop for the students. Mobile app will make it more handy like whatsapp, facebook etc.
  • Powerful Framework
  • It is embedded with Asp.net which is most powerful and secure framework developed by Microsoft. Data of Institute will remain secure and far from hackers.
  • Customization
  • This is fully customized to meet the every requirement of customer. Different type of Institute may have their different requirements. This Promising in fulfilling every type of requirement.
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